Michael Macy

mwm14 • Sociology and Information Science


Human behavior and social interaction

Chris Cameron

cjc73 • Sociology

Economic Sociology, Social Simulation, Processes on Networks

Patrick Park

pp286 • Sociology

Agent Based Modeling, Online Social Networks, Online Collective Action, Quantitative Methods

Yongren Shi

ys334 • Sociology

Social Networks, Organization and Ecology, Opinion Dynamics, Computational Social Science

Scott Golder

sag262 • Sociology

Social Networks, Quantitative Methods, Norms, Economic Sociology, Organizations, Information and Communication Technologies

Daniel DellaPosta

djd264 • Sociology

Social Networks, Social Influence, Economic and Social Exchange, Computational Methods

Wei Dong

wd96 • Information Science

Cross-cultural comparison on social network structures, mental representation of social relations and social networks

Isabel Kloumann

imk36 • Applied Mathematics

Fedor Dokshin

fad7 • Sociology

Social Networks, Computational Methods, Political Sociology, Organizations, Environmental Sociology

George Berry

geb97 • Sociology

Computational Sociology, Social Networks, Online Interaction, Social Norms

Antonio Sirianni

ads334 • Sociology

Social Networks, Social Psychology, Computational and Quantitative Methods

Dana Warmsley

dw457 • Applied Mathematics

Danielle Toupo

dw457 • Applied Mathematics

Complex systems and nonlinear dynamics, game theory, evolution of cooperation

Tom Davidson

trd54 • Sociology

Social Network Analysis, Online Social Networks, Sociology of Culture, Political Sociology

Mario Molina

mm2535 • Sociology

Social Norms, Economic Sociology, Networks, Social Institutions, Experiments

Juan David Robalino

jr872 • Economics

Social Influence, Behavioral Economics

Fernando Plascencia

jp975 • Department of City and Regional Planning

Social Networks, Games on Networks, Behavioral Economics

Milena Tsvetkova


Social Networks, Complex Systems, Agent-Based Modeling, Organizations

Meysam Alizadeh

Agent-based Modeling, Social Networks, Extremism, Opinion Dynamics

Vladimir Barash

Information Science

Diffusion, Online Communities, Large-Scale Data Analysis, Network Models, Agent-Based Modeling, Web Data

Matthew Hoffberg


Social Psychology, Altruism, Reciprocity, Economic Sociology, Organizations

Shaomei Wu

Information Science

Large Scale Networks, Information Diffusion, Network Algorithms, Language Technologies, Clustering, Social Media

Michael Genkin

Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University

Collective Action, Game Theory, Network Dynamics, Social Psychology, Blau-Space Modeling, Queuing Theory

Arnout van de Rijt

Associate Professor of Sociology, Institute for Advanced Computational Science

Social networks, cumulative advantage

Thomas M. Lento

Facebook Data Science

User engagement, Content Diffusion

Robb Willer

Associate Professor of Sociology, Stanford University

Emergence of collective action, norms, solidarity, generosity, and status hierarchies

Stephen Benard

Associate Professor of Sociology, Indiana University

Conflict and Inequality, Intergroup Conflict and Intragroup Relations, Reputation Systems and Competition, Agression and Status

Ko Kuwabara

Associate Professor of Management, Columbia Business School

Social exchange and social networks, interpersonal trust